Certificate in Peace Studies

The Graduate Certificate Program in Peace Studies offers interdisciplinary graduate studies for life-long learners who want to become familiar and skilled in the discourse of peace studies. This program offers an opportunity to gain a broad understanding of various aspects of peace building and conflict resolution skills. Areas of study include the history and theory of international and domestic conflict; the political, economic, cultural, and social roots of such conflict; the causes and conduct of warfare; violence prevention; and global institutions for the resolution of conflict.

The Graduate Certificate Program in Peace Studies seeks to:

  1. Apply an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the field of peace building and peace studies
  2. Provide an opportunity for students to engage in significant study and practice within the field
  3. Prepare students for professional positions in the fields of peacemaking and peace studies

The peace studies program focuses on a broad range community and global issues including social oppression, economic exploitation, peace keeping, peace making, peace building, peace education, civil rights, conflict resolution, violence prevention and intervention, social justice, social change and community advocacy, to name a few. The programs in peace studies serve as an academic catalyst for applied research, theoretical development, and the use of culturally informed methods for transforming oppressive situations. Students are trained to identify, assess, and create interventions that respond to the desire for justice and peace.

The Graduate Certificate in Peace Studies is appropriate for those who seek graduate training in peace studies as well as those who have already earned a degree in their professional field but would benefit from academic training in the applications of peace studies to their current professions. The Graduate Certificate program collaborates closely with our sister programs in conflict analysis & resolution and family therapy.

Program Formats

The Graduate Certificate in Peace Studies is offered in both residential and distance learning formats. These flexible formats allow mid-career working adults and those unable to attend the on-campus program, to study in a creative, rigorous, and structured fashion. Students enrolled in the online program participate in Residential Institutes on the main campus twice per year, as well as online web-based courses.

Students may enroll full or part time, taking three to nine credit hours per term. Students who attend full-time can expect to complete the program in 10 months. Part-time students will complete the program in 19 months. Summer attendance is mandatory.

Certificate Information

(9 Credits) 

Course Number

Course Name

Credit Hours

CARM 5000 Foundations and Development of Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies 3
CARM 6170 Violence Prevention and Intervention 3
CARM 6663 Introduction to Peace Studies 3

Below is a sample of a degree plan for a full-time student who begins their studies in Fall term. Degree plans will be modified based on a student's enrollment date and pace of study.

Table 1: Degree Plan: 15 credits hours

Fall (September) CARM 5000
Foundations and Development of Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies
CARM 6170
Violence Prevention and Intervention
CARM 6663
Introduction to Peace Studies
Winter (January) Elective #1 Elective #2 Graduation & Celebration

Graduate Open House

Join us on Friday, October 16th at 5:30 PM EST to learn more about Conflict Resolution studies, including careers within the field, NSU graduate degree offerings, and the application process.

This event is free and open for all to attend. You may register for the Open House here.

Program directors and department faculty from the Department of Conflict Resolution Studies and NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Admissions will be in attendance to answer your questions about your program(s) of interest.