Research And Publications

The Halmos College of Arts and Sciences Department of Biological Sciences encourages learning and collaboration between students and faculty 

Faculty and students have been published in multiple journals including Nature Ecology and Evolution, Nature Scientific Reports, and Forensic Science International.  They have also had the opportunity to present their work at a number of national and international conferences.  

Research interests of our faculty

Paul Arena, Ph.D

  • Ecology of Fish Assemblages
  • Age and Growth of Reef Fishes
  • Spider Ecology
Paul Arena, Ph.D

Christopher Blanar, Ph.D

  • Parasitism in coastal habitats
  • Parasites and migratory behavior in Everglades fishes
  • Parasite community ecology
Christopher Blanar, Ph.D

Matthew Johnston, Ph.D.

  • Computer modeling and simulation
  • Invasive species ecology
  • Population connectivity
Matthew Johnston, Ph.D.

Jose Lopez, Ph.D.

  • Molecular biology
  • Microbiology
  • Systematics
Jose Lopez, Ph.D.

Stephen James O'Brien, Ph.D.

  • Comparative genomics/bioinformatics
  • Conservation genetics/biodiversity
  • Genetic epidemiology
Stephen James O'Brien, Ph.D.

Aarti Raja, Ph.D.

  • Microbiology
  • Science education
  • Infectious disease
Aarti Raja, Ph.D.

Deanne Roopnarine, D.P.M.

  • Metaplasia of shellfish
  • Effects of toxins on shellfish
  • Oil spill effects
Deanne Roopnarine, D.P.M.

Emily Schmitt Lavin, Ph.D.

  • Genetics and genealogy
  • Gene expression in yeast exposed to toxins
  • Coral reef ecology and conservation
Emily Schmitt Lavin, Ph.D.

Mahmood S. Shivji, Ph.D.

  • Conservation Biology
  • Genetics/Genomics
  • Movement Ecology (sharks and billfishes)
Mahmood S. Shivji, Ph.D.

Julie Torruellas Garcia, Ph.D.

  • Microbial pathogenesis
  • Efficacy of electrostatic sprayers for the delivery of disinfectants
  • Identification of environmental bacteria
Julie Torruellas Garcia, Ph.D.

Omar Tonsi Eldakar, Ph.D.

  • Multilevel selection
  • Cooperation and conflict
  • Sexual Conflict
Omar Tonsi Eldakar, Ph.D.

Santanu De, Ph.D.

  • STEM education
  • Pedagogy
  • Animal reproduction and development

Eben Gering, Ph.D.

  • Behavioral ecology
  • Invasion biology
  • Wildlife disease
Eben Gering, Ph.D.

Andrew Ozga, Ph.D.

  • Human and non-human primate genomics and genetics
  • Oral and gut microbiomes
  • Ancient DNA
Andrew Ozga, Ph.D.

Aurelien Tartar, Ph.D.

  • Invertebrate Pathology
  • Protist Genomics and Evolution
  • Host Pathogen Relationships

Recent Publications

De, S. 2020. The 14-3-3 (YWHA) Proteins in Signaling and Development of the Fruit Fly, Drosophila melanogaster. International Annals of Science 9(1): 80-85. 

Ålund, M., Emery, N., Jarrett, B.J., MacLeod, K.J., McCreery, H.F., Mamoozadeh, N., Phillips, J.G., Schossau, J., Thompson, A.W., Warwick, A.R., Yule, K.M., Zylstra E.R., and E. Gering. 2020. Academic ecosystems must evolve to support a sustainable postdoc workforce. Nature Ecology & Evolution pp. 1-5. 

Gering, E., *Laubach, Z., Weber, P., Hussey, G., Turner, J., *Lehmann, K., *Montgomery, T., Holekamp, K., and T. Getty. 2020. Time Makes You Older, Parasites Make You Bolder — Toxoplasma Gondii Infections Predict Hyena Boldness toward Definitive Lion Hosts. In: Banzhaf W. et al. (eds) Evolution in Action: Past, Present and Future. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation. Springer, Cham. 

*Hampton, J., Larsen, PT., Anton, T., Cralle, L., Sangwan, N., Lax, S., N Gottell, Solas-Garcia , M, Young, C. Duncan, G., Lopez, JV., Gilbert, J. 2020. Detecting Personal Microbiota Signatures at Artificial Crime Scenes. Forensic Science International. 

C. Thacker, R.W. , Chaves-Fonnegra, A. Lopez JV. 2020. Host population genetics and biogeography structure the microbiome of the sponge Cliona delitrix. Ecology and Evolution ;

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Milligan, RJ, A.M. Bernard, K.M. Boswell, H.D. Bracken-Grissom, M.A. D’Elia, S. DeRada, C.G. Easson, D. English, R.I. Eytan, C. Hu, C. Lembke, J.V. Lopez, B. Penta, T. Richards, I.C. Romero, M. Shivji, L. Timm, J.D. Warren, M. Weber, R.J.D. Wells, T.T. Sutton. 2019. The application of novel research technologies by the Deep Pelagic Nekton Dynamics of the Gulf of Mexico (DEEPEND) Consortium. Marine Technology. 52 (6): 81-86.

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A. Eisa*, S. De, A. Detwiler*, E. Gilker*, A. Ignatious*, S. Vijayaraghavan and D. Kline. 2019. YWHA (14-3-3) protein isoforms and their interactions with CDC25B phosphatase in mouse oogenesis and oocyte maturation. BMC Developmental Biology 19: 20.

V. Nethi and S. De. 2019. The potential of socio-biologically relevant mobile applications to attract girls to STEM. Florida Distance Learning Association (FDLA) Journal 4:1.

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