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Deanne Roopnarine, D.P.M

Deanne Roopnarine
Assistant Department Chair
Associate Professor
(954) 262-8196


  • D.P.M. (Podiatric Medicine) - Barry University, Florida
  • M.S. (Biomedical Sciences) - Barry University, Florida
  • B.Sc. (Biology) - Mount Allison University, Canada

Deanne Roopnarine, DPM is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences in the Halmos College of Arts and Sciences.  She earned her DPM at Barry University and completed her medical residency at Golden Glades Regional Medical Center, Florida.  She practiced podiatric medicine for sixteen years and now teaches Anatomy and Physiology, as well as Histology and Advanced Human Physiology.  Her research focuses on the effects of various toxins on shellfish, in particular the effect of the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill of 2010 on the oyster Crassostrea virginica.

Courses Taught

BIOL 1500 - Biology I/Lab

BIOL 3312 - Human Anatomy & Physiology/Lab

BIOL 3320 - Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab

BIOL 3330 - Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab

BIOL 3500 - Histology/Lab

BIOL 4700 - Advanced Human Physiology


Metaplasia of shellfish due to toxins

This is an ongoing project to study the effects of the DWH oil spill on shellfish anatomy and metabolism.  This study developed from my interest in the histological aspect of metaplasia in humans.  Using histological techniques I have been collecting data of metaplasia in the study specimen from 2010 to the present. PFRDG funded.

Effects of toxins on the lipid content of shellfish and the accumulation of metals

This project began in 2015 as a direct result of the studies on metaplasia. It utilizes both histological and GCMS methodologies to both quantitatively and qualitatively ascertain the lipid content of the soft tissue of the study organism, as well as the metal content of the shell. PFRDG funded.

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