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Jose V. Lopez, Ph.D.

Jose Lopez
(954) 262-3665


  • 1984 - B.S. (Applied Biology) - Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • 1988 - M.Sc. (Biological Sciences). The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida. Thesis title: DNAase I hypersensitive sites and their correlation to differential expression of an exogenous thymidine kinase gene.
  • 1995 - Ph.D. (Environmental Biology and Public Policy; Molecular Evolution). George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia (GMU). Dissertation title: Molecular evolution of Numt, a recent transposition and tandem amplification of mitochondrial DNA into the nuclear genome of the domestic cat (Felis catus).

Area(s) of Research

Our laboratory conducts molecular biology, systematics and microbiological research on various marine invertebrates, including corals, marine sponges and their symbiotic microbes.

Evolution underpins much of this research as it does all of biology; in turn, variation and the genetic code underpin biological evolution. Therefore, our research has been focused on characterizing various dimensions of the change and diversity at the genetic and cellular levels. This variation ultimately translates to variation among populations, within and between species and higher taxa.

We are happy to be members of the Deep Pelagic and Nekton Dynamics (DEEPEND) Consortium within the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GOMRI). The microbial genomics group of DEEPEND will continue to characterize microbial communities (“microbiomes”) to indicate potential baseline profiles in the absence of huge PAH pulses using high throughput DNA and RNA sequencing methods. Besides community membership, functional aspects of the microbial community will be addressed by applying metagenomics, transcriptome sequencing and in silico approaches for a better understanding of GOM microbiomes.

Sponges represent the oldest metazoan phylum, having existed since at least the Cambrian period 500 million years ago. Even longer still is the evolutionary time frame (over 3 billion years) of diverse single cellular microorganisms.

PorTolTogether these and other organismal groups, comprise major lineages on our Earth's Tree of Life. In this context, our lab has been involved in a National Science Foundation project called Assembling the Tree of Life (or AToL) that aims to assign and map portions of the planet's biodiversity (from species to families to phyla etc) onto a virtual tree or phylogeny showing discrete lineages and relationships among the organisms. To generate the most robust phylogeny possible, multiple laboratories and collaborators will join together to sequence the most informative gene sequences from representative taxa, integrate molecular and non-molecular (e.g. morphological, ecological, behavioral etc) datasets, and run computer analyses that will attempt to derive the best estimate of actual branching orders and relationships among the organisms

Within this program, our lab is part of the Porifera Tree of Life (PorToL) collaborative project that is currently studying the taxonomy and evolutionary relationships among sponges and the phylum's context with the rest of Metazoa.

Another current thread of research is developing model marine organisms. Because sponges are sessile, often long term residents of the benthos, they may also serve as important indicators for environmental change. In this regard, doctoral student and recent L'Oreal recipient, Andia Chaves Fonnegra has an ongoing project that is characterizing the reproduction, recruitment and biogeography of the coral excavating sponge, Cliona delitrix. This sponge grows and eventually kills the coral colonies that it settles upon, and thus modes or reproduction and distribution in the Caribbean region that may or may not be related to climate change, are being determined.

Similarly, and as part of a Florida Institute of Oceanography grant, resulting from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster, our laboratory has collaborated with Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute to test the effects of oil and dispersant on sponges and their microbial symbionts. Past collaborations with FAU-HBOI led to the construction of a marine microbial database.

Other aspects of my research involve molecular evolution, horizontal gene transfer (, gene expression and the application of next generation DNA sequencing for metagenomics ( and transcriptomics. These technical advances have helped spawn a new initiatives from the human microbiome to the "Earth Microbiome Project", which promises to reveal more diversity and related important functions of microbes ( We hope to participate actively in this project, and also quickly release novel gene sequence data generated by high throughput methods soon after it is generated by public funding.

Recently, some of our ongoing sponge research was filmed in a PBS/WPBT "" documentary "Sponges: Oldest Creatures in the Sea?" (

With the advances of next generation DNA sequencing, our lab has helped spearhead the recent initiative called "The Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance" or GIGA.  In this long range project, we hope to join other invertebrate biologists in forming a community dedicated to comparing and understanding the broad spectrum of invertebrate genomes in an evolutionary and ecological contexts.  More details at

We have a new Skin Microbiome crowdfunding project, called "Skin Deep". Please check out the following webpages: 

Current Graduate students

Current Masters Students

Rachael Karns - MiSeq as a Tool to Understand and Characterize the Shark Microbiome

Jorie Skutas - Analysis of Salmonella in natural Florida habitats

Kyle Roebuck  - Estimation of Invertebrate Genome Sizes by Flow Cytometry

Roberto Rodriguez - Antarctic Notothenioids: Multiple Adaptations to a Frigid Environment

Lindsay Freed - Characterization of the microbiome of deep-sea anglerfish collected from the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Chase Donnelly - Microbiota of South Florida Canal and Water Systems: Comparing Pristine and Anthropomorphic Environments using Community Genetics

Past Students

Renee Potens - Genetic Analysis of Seasonal Fluctuations in Microbial Symbiont Diversity of the South Florida Marine Sponge Amphimedon compressa

Lauren O'Connell - Compositional Analysis of the Port Everglades Inlet (Broward County, FL) Microbiome Using Next Generation Sequencing Technology

Nidhi Vijayan  - Analysis of bacterial diversity with response to light and antibiotics in in vitro tissue culture of marine sponge, Cinachyrella

Shira Jaye Anteby - Investigation of Regulatory and Hypothetical Genes in Marine Microbes Roseobacter denitrificans Och114 and Oceanobacillus iheyensis HTE831: A Site-Directed Mutagenesis

Abelardo Vernaza - Eribulin Mesylate for the Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Jonathan Lanzas - The Current State of Next-Generation Sequencing

Rebecca Mulheron - Microbial Community Assemblages found with Sponge Orange Band Disease in Xestospongia muta (Large Barrel Sponge).

Dawn Formica - Seasonal fluctuations of microbial population structure in the subtropical marine sponge Amphimedon compressa

Alexandra Campbell - Genetic sequence characterization of marine bacterial diversity from South Florida waters over space and time

Andia Chaves Fonnegra - Increase of excavating sponges on Caribbean coral reefs: reproduction, dispersal and coral deterioration

Diana Aranda - Spatial and temporal variations of enterococci levels on sub-tropical recreational beaches: a historical analysis.

Emily Smith - Developing marine sponges as biological indicators for oil and chemical dispersant impacts

Tandace Burkhart - Mining genetic databases for new gene discovery

Jignasa Patel - Seasonal variation in meta-transcriptome profiles of the marine sponge, Axinella corrugata and its microbial consortia: A pyrosequencing approach

Karita Negandhi - Microbial Communities with Emphasis on Coral Disease-Associated Bacteria within Florida Reef Sponges Microbial Communities with Emphasis on Coral Disease-Associated Bacteria within Florida Reef Sponges

Crystal Conway - Study Of Secondary Metabolite Gene Expression In Marine Microbial Co-Cultures Using Quantitative Real-Time Pcr

Patricia Waikel - Analysis of a partial expressed sequence tag (est) library and differential expression of genes in biochemical morphotypes of the marine sponge Discodermia dissoluta

Denise Hemphill - Hydrothermal Geology at Meridiani Planum, Mars, and the Possibility of a Marker for Microbial Life in the Iron Oxyhydroxide, Schwertmannite


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