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Navdeep Gill, Ph.D.

Navdeep Gill
Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D. from Purdue University, IN
  • Master’s studies at Punjab Agricultural University, India

Navdeep Gill, Ph.D.  earned her Ph.D. from Purdue University, IN and did her undergraduate and Master’s studies at Punjab Agricultural University, India. For her Ph.D., she trained to work on genome evolution, including computational approaches and her postdoctoral work has ranged from genetics to bioinformatics to physiology. She has experience working on diverse plant species, including model and non-model systems.  Navdeep’s research focuses on leveraging genomic and bioinformatic tools to understand the evolutionary mechanisms leading to the vast extent of phenotypic diversity and complexity in present day plant species. Her research relies on the preface that genomic tools and technologies can provide the necessary framework to develop novel genetic/genomic strategies that enable plants to modify their response to biotic and abiotic stresses. Before joining Nova Southeastern University, she was working as an NSF Research Scientist (Bioinformatician) in the Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR.

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