Online Education

Nova Southeastern University strongly supports teaching and learning, as well as enhancing student engagement, achievement, and academic success. We have two types of online courses:

  • Fully online: a course that meets 100% online
  • BlendFlex: a course that meets partially in a classroom and partially online

NSU is planning to use the BlendFlex model for the majority of its course offerings. This model simultaneously offers face-to-face and online delivery of instruction. BlendFlex courses include a portion of students attending in a traditional classroom setting, while the remaining students attend from a remote location using videoconferencing technologies, such as Zoom or Canvas. Please make sure to read the online education policies.

All first-class meetings will be delivered online using NSU’s Zoom platform so that professors and attending students can review COVID-19 safety protocols and special arrangements can be made to ensure that all in-person participants can maintain physical distancing.

The last in-person class for all full-time, traditional, undergraduate courses in the fall semester will be held Friday, November 20. All subsequent class meetings will be delivered remotely using NSU’s Zoom platform. This will enable students to have the flexibility to travel for the Thanksgiving break without being required to return to campus for the remainder of the semester/term. Classes will continue, but fully online.