B.A. in Philosophy

Become a critical thinker with a bachelor’s in Philosophy. The study of philosophy combines open-mindedness with an analytical search for truth. You'll join a timeless conversation that connects Plato with today's great minds.

What you'll study

The philosophy major will sharpen your reading, writing, and debate skills. Wide-ranging courses connect the study of ethics, logic, and symbols with the fields of science, law, sports, and environmentalism. Your strong communication skills will give you an advantage in additional coursework in the humanities and performing and visual arts.

How you'll learn more

Internships and volunteer work in the community allow you to explore the many industries and fields seeking thoughtful, analytical professionals. Experience personal growth as you study human nature, thought, and behavior from various philosophical perspectives.

Where it can take you

Philosophy is more than pondering life’s big questions. A philosophy degree prepares you for success in fields including advertising, criminal justice, politics, education, law, medicine, and business. Pursue your passion with your skills in communication and leadership, and consider options for law school or other graduate studies.

Core Courses (24 credits)
PHIL 1010
Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1010 / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 1400 or PHIL 2400
Introduction to Logic or Symbolic Logic (PHIL 1400 or PHIL 2400 / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 3220
Philosophy of Science (PHIL 3220 / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 3530
Gods and Chariots (PHIL 3530 / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 3540
Revolution and Ideology (PHIL 3540 / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 3660 or PHIL 3670
Philosophy of Law or Social and Political Philosophy (PHIL 3660 or PHIL 3670 / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 4300
Capstone: Knowledge and Reality (PHIL 4300 / Credits: 3 )
Select one of the following courses
PHIL 3010
Media Ethics (PHIL 3010 / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 3180
Biomedical Ethics (PHIL 3180 / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 3180H
Biomedical Ethics Honors (PHIL 3180H / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 3200
Ethics and Sport (PHIL 3200 / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 3300
Ethics in Peace and War (PHIL 3300 / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 3360
Environmental Ethics (PHIL 3360 / Credits: 3 )
Select 12 credits from the following courses that are not used as required courses
PHIL 2000
Moral Issues (PHIL 2000 / Credits: 3 )
PHIL 4900
Special Topics in Philosophy (PHIL 4900 / Credits: 3 )
Any Philosophy course not listed above (PHIL / Credits: 3 )

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires at least 24 credits of coursework from the following disciplines: ARTS, DANC, FILM, HIST, HUMN, LITR, MUSC, PHIL, and THEA, as well as an intermediate degree of competency in a foreign language (generally, a minimum of 6 credits or another demonstration of competency).

The academic program and curriculum requirements listed on this page are from the NSU Undergraduate Student Catalog. Students are bound by policies and curricula published in the catalog in effect the semester they enter the university, unless an agreement is made with appropriate NSU administration officials allowing them to abide by policies published in a later catalog.


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