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The Nova Southeastern University Halmos College of Arts and Sciences is home to experts in politics, government theory, society, anthropology, literature, philosophy, history, language, international affairs and law. It’s the perfect environment to learn from today’s experts to shape your career in these fields.

In addition to graduate and undergraduate degrees, the Department of Humanities and Politics offers a variety of minors to explore your interests and supplement your education.

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NSU Center for the Humanities

The Nova Southeastern University Center for the Humanities brings together a collection of human and material resources for the university and the broader community. Conceived by Ben Mulvey, Ph.D., associate professor of philosophy, the center champions the diverse disciplines within the humanities, as well as encouraging intersectionalities between humanities, the social sciences and STEM fields.

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See the latest publication of NSU’s student-run art and literary journal, Digressions. This digital edition includes a supplementary section with a course showcase, with an even broader publication of work by NSU undergraduate and graduate students from across disciplines and co-curricular activities.

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Charles Zelden

An Election Which Shapes the Nature of Government for the Next Generation

In the lead-up to the 2020 election with its historic turnout, CBS Miami interviewed Charles Zelden, Ph.D., as an expert on elections and election history. See why Dr. Zelden thinks the choices, the issues and participation in the 2020 election will shape the nature of government for a generation to come.

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Our Interdisciplinary Approach to Humanities

The mission of our Department of Humanities and Politics is to help students like you develop the creative and critical thinking skills that today’s employers hire for. Our programs, courses and community partnerships are designed to help you uncover the ways your passions can lead to new career possibilities. Case in point: Our English graduates go on to positions in public policy, our philosophy alumni go on to law school and our history grads hold positions helping interns find their own calling. See their stories for yourself.

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Use Your Degree to Build Your Own Career Path

As you can see from our graduates, the skills you’ll develop in the humanities and politics open interesting doors. And our unique, hands-on learning approach means that you’ll be practicing those skills through internships, capstone projects and community partnership before you graduate. With a grounding in history or philosophy, your unique perspective can be an asset to a variety of companies and organizations. And because our approach is grounded in helping you find the real-world applications for what you’re passionate about, you’ll graduate from the NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences with greater career prospects. To see more about our unique model, check out our commitment to Career Pathways.

Humanities Can Enhance Your Perspective

Even if your career aspirations lie in social sciences or STEM fields, the courses and minors offered by the Department of Humanities and Politics can amplify your impact. Physicians who understand ethics go far. Anthropologists with a grounding in history create more compelling work. And sociologists with linguistic skills can share their work with a wider world. After all, our goal at the NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences is to graduate critical and creative thinkers who have the capacity to change things. And the first step is to challenge yourself to think bigger.

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Related Degrees

History (B.A.)

Bring philosophies and cultures of the past to life. Gain hands-on experience with an internship, and delve into research during your senior seminar in history. The skills you develop in writing, research, debate and analysis are top draws for employers in many fields.

International Studies (B.A.)

Visiting guests, community outreach and study abroad provide inspiring experiences. Develop the international perspective that will help you create a future as a human rights advocate, foreign service officer, trade specialist, diplomat, cultural arts manager, international security expert or philanthropist.

Philosophy (B.A.)

Internships and volunteer work in the community allow you to explore the many industries and fields seeking thoughtful, analytical professionals. A philosophy degree prepares you for success in fields including advertising, criminal justice, politics, education, law, medicine and business.

Political Science (B.S.)

Strengthen your skills with our award-winning Model United Nations team or Mock Trial team. Engage with visiting authors, political figures and activists. Beyond politics, apply your skills in law, journalism, nonprofit organizations, education – or as a graduate student.

Interdisciplinary Studies (B.S.)

Develop the soft skills and broad perspective today’s employers crave. Create your own customized program that’s as distinct as you are by drawing on the diversity and strength of the academic disciplines of NSU’s Halmos College of Arts and Sciences.

Legal Studies (B.S.)

Interact with judges, attorneys, public officials and other pivotal figures in the legal community while you explore a future in law school, politics or public affairs. Develop strong communication skills, critical thinking and an understanding of the social and political context of legal issues you need to succeed in a variety of fields.

National Security Affairs and International Relations (M.S.)

Prepare for one of the fastest-growing professions, with a variety of open positions in federal, state and local governments, as well as in the private sector. This program is for you if you are already practicing in the field, aspire to a career in the field or have a strong academic interest in security affairs and international relations.

The program is offered entirely online or in a hybrid format. Students selecting the hybrid format will take a combination of courses at the Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus and online. A minimum of one campus-based course is offered each semester.

You and NSU – the Sky’s the Limit

Your support and involvement helps us create, investigate and improve the world around us. Join us in our passion to bring out the best in our students, our society, our environment and our economy.