Graduate Student Government Association

The NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences Student Government Association (HCAS SGA) is dedicated to bringing together the entire graduate student body in collaborative and creative ways to further academic goals, promote inclusive learning communities, and provide an open forum for effective communication and networking. The HCAS SGA fosters relationships among students, as well as between students, faculty, alumni, administration, and staff. The SGA’s overall goal is to enhance the academic experiences for students. You can also check out their Facebook page here

Meet your 2022-2023 Executive Board

Andrew Goeppner


Lindsey Scott

Vice President

Charles Klingler


Bennett Perry & Madeline Hammond


Katie Lim

Student Activities Coordinator

Meet your representative council

Vanessa Blanchard

Biological Student Representative

Zachary Graff

Marine and Environmental Student Representative

Genevieve Sabala

Online Student Representative

Maria Jose Guarderas

International Student Representative

Julia Kelley

Communication, Media, and the Arts Student Representative

Jennifer Eden Schneider

Conflict Resolution Studies Student Representative

Colina Cole

Humanities & Politics Representative