Researcher, Conservationist, Artist and Entrepreneur – and friend to NSU

Guy Harvey’s relationship with Nova Southeastern University and the NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences started decades ago with the opening of NSU's Guy Harvey Research Institute. His work graces an instruction space in our Oceanographic Campus and the atrium of our University Center. He frequently shares his insights with our Communication, Media and the Arts or our Marine Science students. And he’s also the inspiration for our multidisciplinary educational approach. Because the world needs more thinkers like Guy Harvey, Ph.D.

Yellow Tang swimming in ocean

Guy Harvey Retail Funds Conservation Efforts

As an artist, Guy Harvey has created a diversified retail operation. In fact, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation is partly funded through sales of Guy Harvey’s apparel, artwork and decor. It’s a consistent way to give back to healthier oceans while bringing more beauty into your life.

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The NSU Guy Harvey Research Institute

NSU's Guy Harvey Research Institute conducts some of the most extensive fish species and shark tracking operations throughout the world. Other major projects include mapping the seascape around North, Central and South America, as well as historical and genomic research on important marine species.

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Research boat with men holding net
Guy Harvey holding notepad

Guy Harvey Artwork at NSU

Several large-scale and small-scale works of Guy Harvey grace the NSU grounds and buildings – in Davie and at our Oceanographic Campus in Port Everglades. See them online, and then schedule a visit to see them in person.

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