Bina Patel, Ph.D.

Senior Organizational Ombudsman

Dr. Bina Patel serves as a Senior Organizational Ombudsman with the U.S. Patent & Trademark. Initially, Binal began her career in conflict resolution serving as a mediator and facilitator in healthcare fraud for the State of MD, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, H.H.S. After that, she was hired by the National Ground Intelligence Center, Department of Defense, and U.S. Army to create the first Organizational Ombuds Program, which reduced workplace conflict by 99%, decrease turnover, and increase productivity/morale for three years consistently. After that, she moved forward to working with employees at disaster sites at F.E.M.A. as an A.D.R. Advisor. She worked with issues on racism, transculturalism, and psychological safety. Bina introduced the first-ever training on multicultural communications to the F.E.M.A. workforce, which is utilized at different disaster sites today.

Additionally, her research on female suicide terrorism is being utilized when working with different personalities and mitigating interpersonal conflicts. The dissertation, also turned into a book and journal publication, and is being utilized today globally, and sits in the libraries of the U.S. Army, C.I.A., and other intelligence agencies. Bina works with students from all over the world who have questions or seek input on the research in female suicide terrorism. Bina runs her conflict resolution consulting agency, providing organizations in the federal government and retail sectors training, consultative advice, and ombuds services as needed. She continued to publish in various media outlets, including, Forbes and interviewed on several podcasts.