Daniel Malinconico, M.A.

Graduate, 2020

"CRDM revolutionized my focus as an educator by providing a holistic approach to 21st century academia. The interdisciplinary nature of the program facilitated opportunities for real pedagogical growth and motivated me to work more purposefully with other educators to provide students with an integrated and cross-disciplinary approach to learning. As a social studies teacher, I found that combining an increased emphasis on the writing process, media analysis, and literacy sponsorship allowed my students to dramatically increase their reading, writing, and critical thinking abilities. CRDM also provided the knowledge and skills for me to accept an adjunct Composition teaching position at NSU and I am excited to teach undergraduates. Be it at a middle school or undergraduate level, teaching requires flexibility, ingenuity, and an unwavering commitment to various scholarly fields while never minimizing the students' potential for real growth. As modeled by the CRDM faculty, learning and teaching continue to be fun, engaging, and relevant in diverse communities and workplaces."