Veronica Diaz, M.A.

Graduate, 2019

"One of the best decisions I’ve made was to attend the CRDM master’s program. In it, I gained invaluable experience sharpening my research and editorial skills, as well as expanded my skillset to incorporate digital media and design. Prior to CRDM, I decided to switch my career path from medicine to book publishing. However, my lack of relevant experience led to my struggle to secure an opportunity in the field. Attending the program not only helped me build out the proper background for a career in book publishing, it solidified my confidence in my skills and fostered connections with a wonderful group of like-minded people. 

I'm so thankful to the CRDM program faculty, many of whom I now consider my friends and colleagues, for being communicative and collaborative throughout the program process. CRDM students are lucky to be able to work with faculty who are not only incredibly knowledgeable in the field, but who are also passionate about their students’ success in the program and well after graduation. Now, working in the managing editorial department of an independent book publisher, I’m able to meet the expectations of my position and work beyond them because of the CRDM program."