Minor in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a new scientific discipline that merges biology, computer science, mathematics, and other areas into a broad-based field that has profound impacts on all fields of biology. It is the comprehensive application of mathematics (e.g., probability and statistics), science (e.g., biochemistry), and a core set of problem-solving methods (e.g., computer algorithms) to the understanding of living systems. The bioinformatics minor provides foundational study in this emerging field of study.

Minor Requirements (18 credits)
BIOL 3600
Genetics/Lab (BIOL 3600 / Credits: 4 )
BIOL 4100
Genomics/Lab (BIOL 4100 / Credits: 4 )
BIOL 4321 or NEUR 3010
Systems and Synthetic Biology or Fundamentals of Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (BIOL 4321 or NEUR 3010 / Credits: 3 )
CSIS 2101
Fundamentals of Computer Programming (CSIS 2101 / Credits: 4 )
MATH 3050 or MATH 2001
Mathematics and Biology or Introduction to Mathematical Models in Biology I (MATH 3050 or MATH 2001 / Credits: 3 )

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