Minor in Pharmaceutical Studies

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Minor with cross-disciplinary courses offers students fundamental, yet applicable principles on the science of drug actions and uses to treat human diseases. This minor also covers fundamentals of drug discovery and development. Students will learn about pharmacology, pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics from faculty members with ample and diverse training backgrounds in basic science and clinical applications. Upon successful completion of the minor, students will be better prepared to advance through a graduate degree in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences or other related fields. A collaborative team of faculty members from both NSU's Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy and the NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences will deliver the courses in this minor. This minor can be combined with any major and minor.



Program Curriculum

Minor Requirements (17 credits)
BIOL 3330
Anatomy and Physiology II/Lab (BIOL 3330 / Credits: 4 )
CHEM 3650
Biochemistry/Lab (CHEM 3650 / Credits: 4 )
CHEM 3800
Principles of Pharmaceutics (CHEM 3800 / Credits: 3 )
CHEM 3850
Principles of Pharmacology (CHEM 3850 / Credits: 3 )
CHEM 4500
Principles of Pharmacokinetics (CHEM 4500 / Credits: 3 )

The academic program and curriculum requirements listed on this page are from the NSU Undergraduate Student Catalog. Students are bound by policies and curricula published in the catalog in effect the semester they enter the university, unless an agreement is made with appropriate NSU administration officials allowing them to abide by policies published in a later catalog.

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