Minor in Scientific Diving

The Scientific Diving Minor focuses on the combination of practical and theoretical aspects of scientific research underwater. It gives students practical diving skills that directly complement the materials learned in the classroom/lab for their major. This minor provides students with the knowledge to design practical field surveys and experiments using SCUBA. The minor qualifies students as American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) Divers-in-Training. Marine Biology and Biology majors can take the scientific diving minor with no additional prerequisites outside those required for their major. Students in other majors who have taken the appropriate prerequisites may also pursue this minor.

Program Curriculum (17 credits)

Minor Requirements
MBIO 2410
Marine Biology/Lab (MBIO 2410 / Credits: 4 )
MBIO 2500
Oceanography/Lab (MBIO 2500 / Credits: 4 )
MBIO 2350
Advanced Diving Technology and Techniques (MBIO 2350 / Credits: 3 )
MBIO 3350
Scientific Diving and Underwater Research Techniques (MBIO 3350 / Credits: 3 )
MBIO 4350
Advanced Scientific Diving and Underwater Research Techniques (MBIO 4350 / Credits: 3 )
Optional: Not-for-credit workshop MBIO 2360: Small vessel handling and safety ( )

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