World by Design

Student Graphic Design Exhibition

April 23 - June 4, 2021



The Art + Design program presents World by Design: our first student graphic design exhibition!

WORLD BY DESIGN is a visual articulation of the role that design plays in society from the lens of the owners of tomorrow – students. Journey through this series of virtual 3D galleries which manifest social justice themes and call viewers to immerse themselves in the mandate to do more than just enjoy the show. The galleries feature work by the students in the Graphic Design II course in the Department of Communication, Media, and the Arts at Nova Southeastern University. The students' submissions for the cover design of the Digressions Literary & Art Journal - a collaborative project with the Digressions Editorial Board - are also showcased. Every aspect of these galleries, including signage, flooring, doorways, and sculptural elements, was designed and curated by teams of two students  who will change the world by design.


Opening Reception: Friday, April 23, 2021 at 5:00 pm via Zoom

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Award winners:

1st Place:
it's not how you design, it's what you design | no es como lo diseñas, sino lo que diseñas
Diana Ramirez Carvallo & Victoria Kuzmicki

2nd Place:
Rebranded Colonization (Vector Illustration, 2021)
Tristen Trivett

Honorable Mention:
Drag on Sis (Adobe Photoshop, 2021)
Farhan Shaban

The live, virtual 3D exhibition has ended but you can view the recorded galleries below.

Student Galleries

ColorLensFire!Flightlessit's not how you design, it's what you designNatureOnusReflections of the MindSpectrumStar BoundThe FinningThe Nature of FluidityUnforgottenYou Are Cattle: Upholding Intersectional Oppressions

About the Galleries and Designers

Colorism subconsciously impacts our society today, influencing our perceptions of people, places, stereotypes, and it even plays a role in how individuals distinguish right from wrong. In recent years, the issue has garnered widespread attention and investigation as Black women are increasingly empowered to recognize and embrace beauty within ourselves, our features, and in the textures of our glorious hair. Conversations concerning colorism are often labeled controversial, which have led many to conclude that the effects of colorism are debatable… nonexistent even. ColorLens is a design exhibition intent on demonstrating colorism’s existence. Via exploration of color, pattern, shape and additional design elements, we contrast the standards and perceptions of beauty between Afrocentric and Eurocentric features. This exhibition is by Black women, for Black women, and for all people of color whose complexions are wielded as determining factors within society, impacting social interactions, attractions, confidence, microaggressions and much more. We interrogate what it means to see color within a population and what it means to recognize the value of diversity amongst ourselves. We declare that colorless stances are ineffective within a colorful world; everyone sees through a ColorLens.

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KaliVictoria Wilson

Raised in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, KaliVictoria is a junior at Nova Southeastern University. She is majoring in communication with a concentration in digital media production. KaliVictoria contributes her skills to the field of design, public relations, film, and art. In the year 2020 at the age of 20, KaliVictoria made her literary debut. She went on to self-publish the first installment of the Trials of Fate series through Amazon, a contribution to the fantasy genre that has garnered online support from readers around the world. If you would like to view more of KaliVictoria’s work, visit her website,

Kayra Parkinson

Raised in New Jersey, Kayra is grateful to have been introduced to and influenced by myriad cultures ranging from African American to Italian. Kayra is a sophomore at Nova Southeastern University majoring in communication with a concentration in digital media production. She describes her design style as organized, simplistic, and straight to the point, with a subtle edge. Her hobbies include painting with her favorite medium, acrylic paint, and her work primarily focuses on uplifting Black women, and reflecting on the calmness of nature. Through her graphic design classes, Kayra has been able to expand her skills in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and she is exploring digitizing her analog art pieces.

“Fire!” is a bid to reestablish the endless boundaries of art and light a fire to the labels and exclusive definitions that invariably suppress artists. Imposed titles like “Folk Art,” “Naive Art,” and “Fine Art” padlock artists into diminutive boxes and either demean their work or stigmatize it. As PoC (people of color), there are already innumerable obstacles designed to bar our way to desirable positions in our industries. Through this gallery, we hope to destigmatize our work and propel our art outward into the vast public. We want to create change and invite a wave of artists to ride the swell into a more expressive, inclusive art community. We want our gallery to be the impetus for artists, popular or local or not, to break through boundaries and help prove that no label can truly represent what is or is not art.

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Jada Johnson

Jada is a senior at Nova Southeastern University majoring in communication with a concentration in digital media production. Jada was originally from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and moved to Davie, Florida in 2019 to continue her education after graduating from a local community college. Jada began dabbling in creative outlets at a young age involving herself in dancing, acting, and playing multiple instruments but mainly the viola. Although she no longer partakes in these specific activities, she continues to express herself creatively by producing and editing videos and doing freelance graphic design jobs. Jada has a deep passion for learning about and fighting social injustices to make the world a better place for future generations to come.

Julian Glasthal

Julian is a senior communication major, theater minor and Shark Talent Scholar at Nova Southeastern University. Bronx-born and Broward-bred, Julian grew up in Florida consuming a variety of media and art from every coast and culture. This led to the eventual and inevitable dive into art and digital media production. Julian’s main focuses are film directing, screenwriting, and cinematography. Julian also participates in playwriting, acting, singing, songwriting and graphic design. Julian’s goal is to help create a safe space where people of color (PoC) will thrive in an industry built to be skewed against them.

Human trafficking is horrific, and it can happen to anybody, anywhere, regardless of community, race, gender, or age. Each year, over 14,000 people are trafficked in the U.S. and over 24 million people are trafficked worldwide. This form of modern slavery includes forced labor, debt bondage, domestic servitude, forced child labor, sex trafficking, and child sex trafficking. It is not only a crime of exploitation, but a human rights abuse that harms the well-being of individuals and our larger communities. Traffickers profit from using force, fraud, or coercion to lure in and trap victims who are vulnerable due to a multitude of reasons including emotional, psychological or financial instability. Victims of human trafficking are often exposed to harsh physical conditions and health risks like infections, STDs, and substance abuse. Many experience serious mental health risks, social ostracism, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The physical and mental trauma caused by traffickers can be so great that many victims don’t recognize themselves as victims or may not even ask for help, even in highly public spaces. There are many myths and misconceptions about human trafficking and what it involves, and with this exhibit, we hope to bring more awareness to this ongoing tragedy. Highlighting this subject and educating more people to recognize the signs of human trafficking occurring can help save lives.

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Crystal Ho

Crystal is a student at Nova Southeastern University and is majoring in computer science along with a minor in graphic design. Crystal was born and raised in South Florida and has been drawing and designing for many years for both herself and for family and friends. As an avid reader and creative mind, Crystal has an active imagination that comes in handy in her pursuits. Her graphic work is primarily illustration-focused with a love for aesthetics and visuals. Crystal is a big fan of animation and gaming and aspires to immerse herself more in those skillsets. 

MacKenzie Ramey

MacKenzie is a senior at Nova Southeastern University majoring in marketing with minors in entrepreneurship and graphic design. MacKenzie grew up in Marietta, GA and plays on the Women’s Soccer Team at NSU. MacKenzie first found interest in graphic design through her uncle who owns a design and printing company. She has been designing for herself and friends for the last couple of years including designing a logo for her student-run business. Her design style can be described as modern and colorful. MacKenzie focuses primarily on marketing and logo design, but she also enjoys experimenting with motion graphics and publication design.

Design is everywhere. From shoe advertisements to county grid plans, everything is designed with a purpose. The power of design and its increasing control on our consumer-driven society is often ignored. Consequently, many talented designers and advertising agencies have chosen to create or promote lethal products and stratifications that degrade humankind. The distortion of truth is evident in food labels and television commercials. An intentionally designed social divide is also obvious in cityscapes and lack of inclusive commercial products. Unchecked, irresponsible design has resulted in a society unknowingly accustomed to a world of deception and division. Marketing agencies focused on selling their product no longer regard the wellbeing of consumers. Instead, they are dominated by the temptation to forgo their ethics for a larger paycheck.

Would you design an ad for a product whose frequent use could result in the user’s death? Would you design a campaign for a company with a history of discrimination? Such questions are posed in Milton Glaser’s Road to Hell which echoes Ken Garland’s First Things First manifesto. Both publications oblige designers to reevaluate their decisions, contemplate design ethics, and create products that advance our society. As designers of a conscious generation, we feel compelled to take action and bring awareness to design’s incredible influence on our society. We hope this exhibition opens the viewer's eyes to how our lives are structured by design. We specifically aim to resonate with those in the design industry by showing the impact of their actions and inspiring them to create responsibly.

no es como lo diseñas, sino lo que diseñas

El diseño está en todas partes. Desde anuncios de zapatos hasta planos de la ciudad en el condado, todo está diseñado con un propósito. A menudo se ignora el poder del diseño y su creciente control sobre nuestra sociedad la cual es impulsada por el consumidor. Como consecuencia, muchos diseñadores talentosos y agencias de publicidad han optado por crear productos letales o promover estratificaciones que degradan a la humanidad. La distorsión de la verdad es evidente en las etiquetas de los alimentos y los comerciales de televisión. Una brecha social diseñada intencionalmente también es obvia en los paisajes urbanos y la falta de productos comerciales inclusivos. El diseño irresponsable y desenfrenado ha dado como resultado una sociedad, sin saberlo, acostumbrada a un mundo de engaño y división. Las agencias de marketing centradas en vender su producto ya no se preocupan por el bienestar de los consumidores. En cambio, están dominadas por la tentación de renunciar a su ética por un lucro mayor.

¿Diseñaría un anuncio para un producto cuyo uso frecuente podría resultar en la muerte del usuario? ¿Diseñaría una campaña para una empresa con antecedentes de discriminación? Estas preguntas se plantean en Road to Hell de Milton Glaser las cuales nacen de ideas anteriormente propuestas en First Things First Manifesto de Ken Garland. Ambas publicaciones obligan a los diseñadores a reevaluar sus decisiones, contemplar la ética del diseño y crear productos que hagan avanzar nuestra sociedad. Como diseñadores de una generación consciente, nos sentimos obligados a actuar y dar a conocer la increíble influencia del diseño en nuestra sociedad. Esperamos que esta exposición abra los ojos del espectador sobre cómo nuestras vidas están estructuradas por el diseño. Nuestro objetivo específico es conectarnos con los profesionales en la industria del diseño al mostrar el impacto de sus acciones e inspirarlos a crear de manera responsable.

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Diana Ramirez Carvallo

Diana is an undergraduate student at Nova Southeastern University majoring in business marketing with minors in graphic design and transdisciplinary studies. Minnesota-born and South Florida-raised, Diana enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the beautiful tropical landscapes in her community. Her passions include designing, traveling, and playing classical music on the piano. In her free time, Diana experiments with different art styles and creating work that bridges the gap between art and design. She strives to embed meaning and purpose into her work. In the future, she hopes to open her own marketing and graphic design business.

Diana estudia en Nova Southeastern University su bachillerato en marketing empresarial con especialización en diseño gráfico y estudios interdisciplinarios. Nacida en Minnesota y criada en el sur de la Florida, a Diana le gusta pasar tiempo con su familia y explorar los hermosos paisajes tropicales de su comunidad. Sus pasiones incluyen diseñar, viajar y tocar música clásica en el piano. En su tiempo libre, Diana disfruta de explorar diferentes estilos de arte y crear obras que cierran la brecha entre el arte y el diseño. Ella busca incorporar significado y propósito en su trabajo. En el futuro, Diana planea abrir su propio estudio de marketing y diseño gráfico.

Victoria G. Kuzmicki

Victoria is an undergraduate student at Nova Southeastern University majoring in art and design with a concentration in graphic design. Outside of art, she enjoys engaging in discussions about life and its existence after death, learning about different cultures, and taking care of plants. The artist is not one to ground themselves in plans developed years in advance but prefers to go with the flow of life as it moves. However, Victoria hopes that a career in art – possibly designing tattoos – awaits her later years. For now, she is focused on developing as an artist and using her work to explain her understanding of life as it occurs.

Victoria es una estudiante en Nova Southeastern University cursa su bachillerato en arte y diseño con especialización en diseño gráfico. Aparte de su dedicación al arte, le gusta conversar sobre la vida y la existencia después de la muerte, aprender sobre diferentes culturas y cuidar sus plantas. Victoria es una artista que prefiere ir con la espontaneidad del momento en lugar de regirse por planes elaborados a largo plazo. Sin embargo, ella desea una carrera en el arte - posiblemente diseñando tatuajes - en el futuro. Por ahora, está enfocada en desarrollarse como artista y usar sus obras para expresar su comprensión de la vida día a día.

Our environmentally themed graphic design gallery’s purpose is to raise awareness about how our current economic systems along with our social habits, are impacting the planet’s different ecosystems. Within our exhibition we focus on the two major ecosystems; terrestrial and aquatic. These two habitats are represented in our exhibition by imagery and reflections of the forest and the ocean. The name of our exhibition, NatureOnus, is a combination of the words nature and onus. Onus refers to one's duty or responsibility. We emphasize that environmental issues are everyone’s responsibility and we are all accountable for its condition. With this gallery experience we showcase the spectrum of each marine and forest ecosystem, with a focus on what it looks like vs. what it should look like. In doing so we offer our audience an entry point into this global issue to reflect upon, with the goal to inspire our community to take action and seek change. We include facts and tips for developing a sustainable way of living throughout our gallery. We ask that the viewer do more than just be aware. We invite and encourage our audience to start developing a sustainable lifestyle that not only cares about the current situation of our planet, but also aspires to provide a clean, safe, and diverse environment for future generations.

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Vivian Duran

Vivian is a part-time graphic design student, a full-time working mom, and a 2021 GD USA Student to Watch. A designer at heart, Vivian is a senior at Nova Southeastern University pursuing a degree in art and design with a concentration in graphic design. Vivian’s passion for design comes from believing in design as a problem-solving tool for determining how end-products function and not just how they look. Between classes, work and motherhood, Vivian interns with a local marketing agency to gain real-world experience while improving her design skills on the field. After her B.A., Vivian wants to combine her design skills with a master’s degree in marketing and communication. Vivian loves exploring the outdoors with her daughter – camping, hiking, enjoying water activities, or simply spending the day on the beautiful South Florida beaches. 

Daniela Marquez

Daniela is a junior communication major with a concentration in digital media production and minors in theatre and business at Nova Southeastern University. She is also a member of the Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society. Daniela was born in Caracas, Venezuela but currently lives in South Florida. She has a passion for traveling, painting, and any activity involving her creative side. She tends to focus on simplicity and minimalism however, she continuously tries to push herself beyond her comfort zone. Throughout Daniela’s work, her aim is to express herself and inspire other people along the way.

Body image and eating disorder related issues are usually overlooked, and therefore not accorded the justice of being defined as an explicit social problem. Despite the name, eating disorders are about more than food; they are complex mental health conditions that eventually require medical intervention. Eating disorders should be recognized as illnesses and taken seriously. A common misconception of people who suffer from an eating disorder is that they starve themselves and are really skinny. The reality is that eating disorders do not discriminate across age, gender, race, class, sexual orientation and body shape or body size. Within our gallery and through our designs, we aim to create a reflective and safe environment where people feel acknowledged and heard regarding the psychological and physical implications of eating disorders and body image. We feel that people should be educated on the different forms of eating disorders and ways to seek and reach out for help.

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Tyrese Saint-Cyr

Tyrese is a marketing major with minors in graphic design and theater at Nova Southeastern University. He was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and raised in Hollywood, Florida. He is an actor who is passionate about everything related to the film industry from filmmaking and cinematography to the business side of the field. He hopes to use his skills to one day enjoy a successful acting career and eventually launch a production and marketing company for his own films and other filmmakers within the industry.

Isabella Perez

Isabella is a student majoring in marketing with a minor in graphic design at Nova southeastern University. She was born in Colombia and raised in China, and currently lives in Davie, Florida. She is passionate about travelling and experiencing all the different cultures around the world. She aims to work in the marketing industry and simultaneously explore the graphic design field. Merging the two arenas would bring her dream job to life. After graduating from Nova Southeastern University, she would like to return to China to pursue her MBA.


Everything in life exists on a spectrum. Rarely do we find things that exist without some form of duality. Especially within people, whether that be sexuality, gender, good or bad… there are two ends of a spectrum fighting for prominence. We are two bisexual, college-age women who have spent the better part of our lives being labeled and limited by the impressions and opinions of others. From a young age, girls are told that they are either tomboys or girly-girls; we are not able to exist as both. It is either one or the other. Blue is for boys, pink is for girls. You’re either straight or you’re gay. This gallery is an intended depiction of the life that exists between that constructed divide of gender, sexuality, and norms. It is an expression of the duality that exists between and within us as individuals. Spectrum is a public declaration stating that our identities are our own, to express in the way that we see fit, and to label as we see necessary. Our identities are not to be dictated or determined by the expectations or presumptions of others. This testimony is reflected in the gallery’s palette—derived from the colors of the bisexual flag, it is a representation of the sexuality that we both had to learn to accept after a lifetime of heteronormativity. This exhibition serves as our flag. The pieces we included represent us, but they are also an invitation to others who were disregarded because they were told that they didn’t fit into a pre-existing category. Spectrum is our invitation to make your own category, decide your own labels, and not to be bothered if you feel you’re the only one that fits the description.

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Rachel Larson

Rachel is a senior at Nova Southeastern University pursuing her B.A. in communication with minors in graphic design and marketing. Originally from Elkhorn, Wisconsin, she moved to sunny Southern Florida for undergrad. Since childhood, Rachel was always drawing, and throughout her educational journey has aimed to take what art classes she could. Rachel works with a variety of media including gouache, acrylic, linoleum printing, and clay, though most of her undergraduate work has been digital art. Outside of classes, Rachel occupies her little free time with reading, writing, and art for her own enjoyment. She works for NSU’s Department of Student Media and interns for the Department of Communication, Media, and the Arts. Following undergrad, Rachel aims to either pursue her master’s or jump headfirst into the branding and social media marketing workforce.

Siena Berardi

Siena is a senior communication major with minors in theatre and transdisciplinary studies at Nova Southeastern University. Born and raised in South Florida, NSU was a perfect fit for her. With a soul of genuine vibrance and whimsy, nothing she creates is without care or flare. She enjoys painting with acrylics on canvas and on the occasional fold-up pong table. To her, laughing is the best medicine and her goal is to deliver this serum to everyone she meets. As a bisexual woman, she is interested in exploring gender and sexuality artistically as she feels it is a topic that should be discussed more openly.

Star Bound

Our gallery’s theme of space debris reflects our captivation with the science fiction genre, and especially Star Wars. This genre shines through in our work and interests constantly, and that makes the prospect of space travel and the effect of space debris on the environment matters of significant import to us! We hope that the work displayed in this gallery will bring awareness to the complex and panoptic issues posed by space debris and what can be done to resolve the crisis. Our problems do not disappear when we send them to space. Pollution – even out there – has very real, tangible consequences even if we can’t immediately recognize them. Space debris is detrimental to our planetary environment as well as to future space endeavors. To those of us who have valued and been intrigued by space since childhood, it is simply unacceptable to let this cataclysm go unresolved. With any luck, the work we produced for this gallery will inspire expedited, effective solutions to the problem of humanity’s garbage collecting in space, and will in some small way, contribute to the future of space exploration and the advancement of humankind in space.

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Frank W. Spiece, Jr.

Frank is a sophomore communication major at NSU with a focus in digital media production and minors in film studies and marketing. He was born and raised in Davie, FL, and, as a devout Christian, he has a genuine heart for people and real-world issues. He may not always choose to voice his own opinions at first; he is happy to hear out others with the aim of coming to tangible and meaningful solutions for the issues faced in the world today. He is also an immense Star Wars fan – which is reflected in some of his artwork, and he is engaged in the film industry as a voice actor for short films. He prides himself on being an Eagle Scout and an active member of his church, New Life Baptist in Davie.

Bastian Toro

Bastian is currently a sophomore art and design major with a minor in film at Nova Southeastern University aiming for a bachelor’s degree. His hometown is Davie, Florida. Personally and professionally, his goal is to become an animator. Bastian is skilled in photography and in design, and enjoys watching movies and playing video games with friends.

As two marine biology majors, we have a vested interest in ocean conservation and helping endangered marine animals, and our gallery focuses on the preservation of sharks. We intend to promote awareness of the severe ecological consequences of shark finning and the human responsibility for the disappearing shark population. In showcasing our design work, we aim to draw attention to the unethical consumption and killing of sharks (along with fish and other marine animals). Marine laws and policies meant to protect sharks tend to be overlooked in society because of how these remarkable creatures have historically been portrayed in the media. Fictitious, distorted depictions of these indispensable animals in movies such as Jaws and Sharknado underscore the issue. These misrepresentations cause mass fear, distrust, and demonization of sharks by society, and consequently, fewer people genuinely care about learning why sharks are necessary for human survival, or culling the cruel practices that threaten their survival. We hope that all people who view this gallery will leave with increased awareness and a sense of duty to combat activities that harm our marine life, and that they will be motivated to act more responsibly in the future.

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Sofía A. Guerra Cardona

Sofía is a student from Carolina, Puerto Rico currently pursuing a major in marine biology and a minor in graphic design at Nova Southeastern University. She is also a Razor’s Edge Shark Talent Scholar. Sofía enjoys working with all types of artistic and creative media such as digital art, traditional art, calligraphy, and clay, as well as working with Adobe programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop. Sofía is keenly interested in exploring social and personal issues within her art and design as well as using her creations as an outlet for personal feelings.

Indranie D. Sarju

Indranie is sophomore at Nova Southeastern University majoring in marine biology and minoring in digital media production. Her main style of art is henna design, but she is gaining ground in graphic design using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, plus she is venturing into more diverse media. Indranie focuses on expressing emotions and personal issues within her art and design as a way to show her feelings towards issues that are important to her.

Life is about growth. Today’s society has become more mindful and conscious about the nature of human sexuality which can be a transformative experience for individuals. Some people struggle with feeling different when it comes to their personalities, presentations of self, and attractiveness. It is important and necessary to recognize these individuals and normalize their experiences. Everyone is unique in their own way, however, society must come together and experience uniqueness collectively. The Nature of Fluidity highlights feelings, exemplifies experiences, and depicts sexuality in its continuum. Through diversification and unification of shapes, our gallery illustrates that people are connected despite our differences. Through exploration of colors we hope to communicate how individualistic and diverse objects (people) may appear, while in reality we are simultaneously connected to analogous ideologies.

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Anastasiia Liubimtseva

Anastasiia is a sophomore at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL majoring in marketing at the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship and minoring in graphic design at the NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences. Born in Moscow, Russia, and raised in both Russia and Florida, Anastasiia likes to explore nature and different cultures. Her aesthetic style expresses a range of color – from soft colors to experimentation with bright hues. She believes that every individual has an inherent right to self-expression.

Farhan Shaban

Farhan is a senior at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL studying marketing at the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, with a minor in digital media production through the NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences. Born and raised in South Florida, Farhan loves to dive into content that taps into different cultural consortiums in his local community. Within his art, his explorations span mid-century modern designs to contemporary art. Being part of the LGBT community has assisted him in gaining broader perspectives of critical issues that are only being recognized in contemporary times, and highlighting the inequalities of gender and its values as a construct.

Unforgotten tackles the Armenian genocide that was committed by the Ottoman Empire during World War I. Genocide is the deliberate, systemic killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group. Armenia is a Christian nation surrounded by Muslim countries in close proximity to the Ottoman Empire, who would control them from the 15th century to the end of the First World War.  Presently, Armenia is surrounded by Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, and Georgia. To this day, peace is elusive. Armenia continues to clash against Azerbaijan over the Republic of Artsakh or Nagorno-Karabakh. Through this gallery, we wish to increase awareness of this never-ending war, and demonstrate our support for embattled Armenian hearts.

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Daniel Karp

Daniel is a junior student in the NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences at Nova Southeastern University majoring in art and design with a minor in digital media production. He was born and raised in New York and resides currently in Davie. This upbringing inspired him to value creativity, innovation, and networking which helped lead him towards the user-experience and web development realm as a technology entrepreneur. He works two remote internships and one web design side hustle and in this upcoming summer, he looks forward to partaking in a 16-week design program with IBM. He is enthusiastic about furthering his investing and creative skills thanks to his family’s mentorship.

Nicolas Pospischel

Nico is currently a freshman student in the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy at Nova Southeastern University majoring in marketing with a minor in entrepreneurship. He was born in Florida but raised in central and northeast America, and is now implanted in California which has influenced his inclusive view of the world and his ability to adapt. He values networking and interactive business models and plans to be CEO of his own firm based in the automotive industry. Because he grew up surrounded by them, he’s fanatically obsessed with cars, especially “Bloo” – his Mk 7 GTI.

You Are Cattle

Late-Stage capitalism is a self-sustaining system which burns abuse, hate, and life as fuel for its ever expanding machine. This system is unsustainable, robbing the citizens of the world from the freedom of life. Instead, the masses are generalized into numbers, cogs which trade their lives away for a means which was created by the oppressor. The modern lifestyle orbits over-consumption. The brainwashed need to collect senseless, material concepts such as property, becoming a parasite draining Earth’s bounty. We no longer drive into the future with bright eyes. Instead, we sport clouded ones, eyes filled with destruction, violence, and greed. We devalue fellow man because we are told to. We work because we are told to. We incite violence on others because we are told to.

The larger goal of this exhibition is to open eyes to the crimes capitalists commit everyday. The exhibition aims to draw attention to the root of all injustice: Capitalism. Misogyny exists because it makes Lawmakers money. Gun Violence exists because it makes Companies money. Police Violence instills fear and racism among the populous so that the elite can maintain their power structure. Once one’s eyes are open to the role of oppression in a capitalist society, the interweaving of major social issues and profit are clear. In this gallery, counter-culture symbolism and the prison industrial complex are used to demonstrate the moral dilemma of for-profit structures. As these old systems continue, it is important to realize the individual role you play in them. Your life is not yours, your autonomy and decisions are tools for capitalists to maintain power as you blindly turn the cogs in their machine, You Are nothing more than Cattle.

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Tristen Trivett

Tristen is currently a sophomore art and design major at Nova Southeastern University and resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their ultimate goal is to raise the collective consciousness and thus unite humanity against Earth’s greatest evil: Money. The fundamental concept of currency has caused humanity to abandon morals and the True splendor of life. Trivett is interested in asking these larger questions which edge our potential. As a committed pacifist, their Leftist ideals have become an independent dimension to infinitely investigate. Trivett is particularly drawn to world culture, philosophy, nature, and Art to explore the problems of the world and larger ideas of the human condition.