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B.S. in Applied Professional Studies

As a working professional or non-traditional student, you want the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree that fits your experience and your plans. NSU's Applied Professional Studies major puts your prior college credits to use and your career goals within reach.

What you'll study
In this professional development program, you'll complete two concentrations. The first is determined by your prior work and college experience. After completing the general education requirements, you'll consult with an academic advisor to select a second concentration that matches your goals. Concentration options include psychology, computer studies, IT, biology, and optometry.

How you'll learn more
Career-minded students gain access to considerable support and opportunities from our dedicated faculty members and NSU's extensive alumni network of professionals. Online courses and convenient class schedules allow you to juggle your commitments. Even if you don't take classes on campus, you'll want to take advantage of the many entertaining, cultural, and healthy activities we offer for students and their families.

Where it can take you
Health care workers excel in this career development program, and teachers reach the next level in their careers. You may return to or enter the expanding IT world that needs more college-educated employees. With your NSU experience and bachelor's degree, the next stage of your career is in your hands.

Review the approximate annual cost of tuition, housing, studying part-time, and other options.

Tuition and Fees

To be eligible for the applied professional studies major, students must:

  1. Have completed a minimum of 45 credits prior to applying to the applied professional studies major.
  2. Have completed an 18-credit concentration before applying to the applied professional studies major.

In addition to the documents described in the Required Documentation section of the Undergraduate Student Catalog, applicants to the applied professional studies major must complete and provide a portfolio containing the following documents. The assistance of an academic advisor should be sought for advice in the preparation of these documents.

  1. A letter of intent in which the student:
    1. Identifies his/her career goals;
    2. Identifies his/her prior coursework and approved prior learning experiences that comprise concentration I;
    3. Provides a rationale for considering concentration I as a coherent body of work;
    4. Identifies concentration II and explains how concentrations I and II integrate into an academic program focused on his/her career goals;
  2. Copies of transcripts with the 18-credits that comprise concentration I highlighted;
  3. One or more documents such as academic papers, projects, work products, letters of recommendation, written reviews of prior course work, written reviews of relevant professional experience, etc., that demonstrates the student's competency in concentration I.

The portfolio is submitted to the academic advisor for review by the director of the appropriate academic unit.

Pursuing a minor can deepen your knowledge in a discipline related to your major or enable you to explore a field outside your major area of study and diversify your skills. Speak with a faculty member in your program to determine which minor(s) can support your academic, professional, and personal goals.

Are you planning to pursue a master's or doctoral degree in a related field of study? Consider NSU's Dual Admission Program, which enables qualified undergraduates at the Halmos College of Arts and Sciences to secure early acceptance into one of the university's competitive graduate and professional degree programs.

See the entire program at a glance. The four-year plan of study will assist you in planning your future at NSU. It presents an overall idea of the order in which courses might be taken in a four-year plan during a student's college career. 


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