Microbiology & Genetics Laboratory


Jose Lopez, Ph.D.
Professor COE Room #337
(954) 262-3665

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Research Focus

Applying and advancing modern biotechnology and genomic (complete hereditary material) sciences for a better understanding of marine organisms and their functions.

Our lab was instrumental in creating the first Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance (GIGA), which aims to spearhead genomics research of overlooked and cryptic invertebrate species, including those that live on coral reefs.

..."DNA sequence analysis of marine invertebrate organisms and microorganisms." We have joined several sponge biologists to characterize microbial communities as part of the larger Earth Microbiome Project.

Much of our activities also focus on education, in an effort to raise the next generation of genome biologists. For example, a new summer internship program in conjunction with COSEE-Florida has recently completed the Rept Internship.

Research Activities

  • Applying advanced biotechnology, molecular genetics, and computational data analysis methods to describe basic marine organismal functions
  • Assessing ecological roles of micro-organisms in marine habitats
  • Investigating population genetics of marine sponges
  • Placing sponges on the Tree of Life with novel genetic data
  • Performing "Next Generation" DNA sequence analysis of marine invertebrate organisms

"Modern genetics permit fundamental descriptions of life at the molecular level, explain the basis of biodiversity, and can help develop potential sentinels (bio-indicators) such as marine sponges and micro-organisms as indicators of environmental change."

-Jose Lopez, Ph.D.