Richard Dodge, Ph.D.
Dean Emeritus 

Digital Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Research Focus

Sclerochronology is the study of the time-dependent growth of the coral skeleton for the reconstruction of past environmental and climate histories of the ocean.

Research Activities

  • Analyses of coral skeletal growth
  • Growth chronology construction and study for historical reconstruction
  • Structure of coral reefs
  • Extension, density, and calcification of coral skeletons
  • Reef geology and time history
  • Elevated coral reefs
  • Ecosystem services and Habitat Equivalency Analysis
  • Coral reef restoration

"With the guidance that the present is key to the past, coral skeletons and reefs are investigated to both better understand the history of past growth and construction that can inform projections of the future reef and related changes."

-Richard Dodge, Ph.D.