Thank you for your interest in the Chemistry/Physics Mentoring Program.

Our goal is to promote mentoring relationships between the Chemistry/Physics faculty and undergraduate students in the chemistry major. We hope that through this program our faculty would be able to help in your academic, and/or professional developments, as you complete the major.

The Chemistry/Physics faculty is prepared to form a dynamic mentoring relationship with you. We want you to achieve your academic and professional goals. For example, we can help you decide your next courses, study strategies, student support resources, personal development, career exploration, and professional goals (including advice for graduate and professional school).

You are now part of our major, and we will like to provide you a vision of how you can succeed in it, and the type of career paths that are available to you. If you are a first time user please follow the links on the right-side navigation menu to get to know us better. When your are ready, make an appointment and start benefiting from the program.

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Dr. Maria Ballester                                   Dr. Victor Castro
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