Learn the Fundamentals of Chemistry Using Cutting-Edge Technology

Our technology-driven society needs more scientists. Did you know that almost every product manufactured requires a knowledge of chemistry and the expertise of chemists? Chemistry is also essential in biological and environmental studies. Simply put, chemistry is at the heart of most, if not all, scientific endeavors. Nova Southeastern University’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry helps you find your future in the applied field of chemistry.

At NSU, you’ll test the fundamentals and applications of chemical and scientific theories by performing experiments using modern instrumentation and classical chemical techniques. You’ll learn how to communicate research results, solve problems, think critically, reason analytically and explore new areas of research. Beyond the extensive training in chemistry, you'll gain grounding in calculus, physics and biology. Depending upon your goals, you may choose the track aligned with the American Chemical Society. No matter what path you choose to follow, a career in chemistry helps you make a difference. NSU gives you the edge.

Why Should You Major in Chemistry at NSU?

Explore Careers in Industry, Education and Government

With your chemistry degree you’ll be prepared for a number of career opportunities, including everything from analyzing chemicals and compounds that affect living organisms to conducting experiments for a variety of purposes. You can work in the private industry, non-profits, education and governmental sectors. Some of the career opportunities available to you include chemical engineer, cosmetic chemist, industrial chemist, chemical waste and safety inspector, and art conservationist. Additionally, you can explore career opportunities within the Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Administration and others.

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Average Starting Salary

Salaries you can earn with a chemistry degree vary widely because of the many career offerings associated with this degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics some of the average annual salaries (in 2019) of popular jobs include:

  • Chemists and Materials Scientists – $78,790
  • Chemical Engineers – $108,770
  • Environmental Scientists and Specialists – $71,360
  • Medical Scientists – $88,790

Shark Destinations

You’ll find NSU chemistry alumni at universities like University of California, University of Oregon, Atlantic Veterinary College and NSU where they are continuing their studies to obtain master’s or doctoral degrees in chemistry, health studies, biological sciences and more.