Refine Your Craft and Learn to Effectively Express Insight, Technique and Creativity

Literature immerses you in worlds created by great imaginations. Studying the written word, and the techniques and theories behind it, will sharpen your abilities in clear communication, close reading, sophisticated analysis, creative thinking and empathy. Nova Southeastern University’s Bachelor of Arts in English gives you the skills to read and write about human experiences and expressions on issues covering migration and borders, gender, environment, technology, love, death, the pursuit of knowledge and more.

As an NSU English major, a comprehensive foundation in British, American and world literatures will prepare you for a path to explore additional exciting areas, ranging from popular culture to literary theory and criticism, from Shakespeare and science fiction, to the Harlem Renaissance, Latinx culture, Gender Studies, Film Studies and more. Your professors will inspire you, even as the great authors of the world become your teachers too. NSU’s English program gives you opportunities to meet contemporary authors at campus events, write or edit for NSU’s student literary arts magazine or start your own poetry slam on campus. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be prepared for a wide array of careers.

Why Should You Major in English at NSU?

Explore Careers in Education, Editing, Law, Business and Technology

Cultural savvy, clear communication and resourcefulness are essential tools for standing out in an increasingly diverse and digital world. The career possibilities that exist for English majors are many because an English degree sharpens skills that are the basis of a wide range of in-demand careers where precise understanding of ideas and effective communication are essential. An English major never goes out of style, and there will always be a need for individuals who can write well and understand the conventions and complexities of the English language.

There is no single path to any career, and English majors are some of the best prepared candidates for many fields. Many English majors go into advertising, publishing, marketing, website production, management and education. Still others go into computers, finance, and medicine or continue on to graduate studies in literature or law. NSU’s English program readies you for success.

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Average Starting Salary

Salaries you can earn with a B.A in English vary widely because of the many career offerings associated with this degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these were the average annual salaries for the following roles in 2019:

  • Technical Writers – $72,850
  • Editors – $61,370
  • Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers - $135,900
  • Public Relations Specialists – $61,150

Shark Destinations

NSU English alumni go on to enjoy exciting and rewarding careers. You’ll find some of our graduates at companies and institutions like:


  • Charter Schools USA
  • Broward County Public Schools
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Regis University


  • Banyan Care and Counseling
  • Broward Health



Writing & Publishing

  • Taylor & Francis Publishers
  • Macmillan Publishers Entertainment
  • This Is Improv, Inc.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer

Politics & Law

  • Florida Governor’s Office
  • Southern Group Firm

This program also prepares alumni to confidently pursue graduate school in English, Law or Education, as well as seek certification to become a secondary school teacher, a process supported by NSU's master's and doctoral degree programs in education and Broward County's alternative certification program.