Challenge Your Ability to Synthesize Knowledge in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Most careers require multiple skills and perspectives. Nova Southeastern University’s B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies readies you for the realities of the marketplace with a customized educational experience designed to open doors and create opportunities. This program offers you the flexibility to design a course of study that best fits your academic or professional goals. It also offers the option of a clear path to medical school and the health sciences through the humanities and social sciences.

In NSU’s Interdisciplinary Studies program, you’ll take core courses in speech, ethics and global issues. You’ll explore and develop your skills in a range of disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences. And you’ll have the option from choosing one of 28 different minors offered at NSU’s Halmos College of Arts and Sciences. If your plan is to apply for medical school, you can take a pre-med concentration. This program offers learning through opportunities in research, travel study, and hands-on experiences. NSU will prepare you to enter the next phase of your education or career with strong critical thinking, reasoning, and communication skills, and enhanced flexibility in your personal and professional life.

Why Should You Major in Interdisciplinary Studies at NSU?

Gain the Soft Skills Employers are Looking For

A number of recent surveys in higher education point conclusively to the fact that employers want college graduates who have “soft skills” such as critical thinking and good writing and communication skills. By allowing you to shape your own course of study, the interdisciplinary studies program opens the door to a variety of career paths. It ensures that you will have the well-rounded education so many employers seek in a college graduate.

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Average Starting Salary

Salaries you can earn with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies vary widely because of the many career offerings associated with this degree. According to, the average annual salary for someone with an interdisciplinary studies degree was $55,599 in 2020.

Shark Destinations

With a bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies, you have a lot of flexibility in job location. Some of the fields in which NSU graduates are currently pursuing careers include aviation, elementary arts education, international relations (United Nations), marketing, hospitality management and graphic arts. Additionally, many NSU graduates go on to pursue advanced degrees at NSU and other prestigious universities around the world.