Explore World Cultures, Societies, and Languages Through an Interdisciplinary Lens

The world outside the United States is an endlessly colorful array of complicated issues, deep history, and profound art that opens your eyes to new possibilities. In Nova Southeastern University’s B.A. in International Studies program, you’ll choose a foreign language and a region of the world to explore in depth. And you’ll research legal systems, literature, folklore, art and cultural traditions that contrast with and illuminate the U.S. experience.

NSU’s diverse student body, cultural and political student organizations, visiting international guests and community outreach bring a global society into your college experience. Study abroad brings your interdisciplinary courses to life. And your professors lead Travel Study courses held around the world, providing guided, educational and inspiring experiences. If you’re fascinated by world cultures, then this interdisciplinary major is for you. NSU’s B.A. in International Studies can lead to a rewarding career in a host of international related fields.

Why Should You Major in International Studies at NSU?

Pursue Careers in International Business, Law and More

Graduates with an international perspective on business, law and culture can create their own future in the global marketplace. Students who earn a B.A. in International Studies can work as a human rights advocate, foreign service officer, trade specialist, diplomat, cultural arts manager, international security expert or philanthropist. With a degree in International Studies, the world is yours!

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Average Starting Salary

Salaries you can earn with a B.A in International Studies vary widely because of the many career offerings associated with this degree. According to PayScale.com, the average annual salary for someone with an international studies degree was $60,891 in 2020.

Shark Destinations

With a bachelor’s in international studies, you have a lot of flexibility in job location—you can work anywhere in the world! Some of the career roles that NSU graduates can pursue include diplomat, foreign exchange specialist, educator, foreign service officer, human rights associate, international global activist, international lawyer, international news writer/journalist, international trade specialist, multiculturalism expert, museum personnel, philanthropic agency manager, political analyst and many others. Additionally, NSU’s B.A. in International Studies creates a pathway for a number of graduate programs at NSU.