Learn Skills that Will Give You the Edge to Apply to Law School or Pursue a Career in Public Affairs

Interested in law school, politics or public affairs? With a Legal Studies major, you’ll develop a firm understanding of the law. Enthusiastic professors inspire you to develop strong communication skills, critical thinking, and an understanding of the social and political context of legal issues.

Explore philosophy to build analytical and logical thinking skills and examine argumentation, politics, and ethics to understand their functions in law. The rigorous curriculum of the Legal Studies program provides the foundation you need in pre-law and international law coursework. You can pursue a practical internship outside of the classroom and take advanced courses focusing on issues such as First Amendment rights and war crimes.

The legal studies major is truly interdisciplinary with elements of communication, philosophy, history, political science and international studies. NSU's Halmos College of Arts and Sciences pre-law program provides exceptional resources including programs that offer interaction with alumni active in the legal community, mentoring programs, LSAT prep, and Journey to Law School Canvas page. Workshops and seminars hosted by the Department of Humanities and Politics pre-law program prepare students for acceptance into law school.

Why Should You Major in Legal Studies at NSU?

Prepare for Law School

With a Legal Studies degree, you have a lot of flexibility in job location. You can also devote your career to an area of law you’re interested in (e.g. corporate, family planning, litigation etc.) or pursue other careers in government settings. The bachelor’s degree in legal studies prepares students for law school and an array of related professions in trade, politics, business, public affairs, and public service. Besides law school, graduates of the program also consider other graduate programs in politics, management, international affairs and nonprofit operations.

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Average Starting Salary

The average salary for lawyers in May 2019 was $122,960 (requires an advanced degree).

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Shark Destinations

You’ll find NSU Legal Studies alumni all around the country, practicing law and working in public service, non-profit and the private sector. Some companies you’ll find our alumni at include Law Offices of Jason Turchin and Universal Court Reporting, Klehr, Harrison, Harvey, Branzburg LLP, BDO USA and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. * They also work in a variety of fields including government sector, corporate, business and real estate law.

*Data provided by NSU’s Office of Career Development