Progress into the Advanced Study of Pure and Applied Mathematics and Intern in the STEM Field

Do the math. A fulfilling career in mathematics can be your ticket. Accept new challenges and learn new aspects of a foundational field. Go beyond the numbers and build skills in critical thinking crucial for careers in science, business and technology. This STEM degree gives you the option to explore career opportunities across diverse fields, such as actuary, animator, banker, climate analyst, epidemiologist, pollster and statistician.

Nova Southeastern University’s Bachelor of Science in Mathematics will provide you with core cores in laboratory science and calculus that progress into advanced study of pure and applied mathematics. You will investigate the important aspects of analysis, algebra and probability. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in the mathematics colloquium series and learn about new research and applications.

Why Should You Major in Mathematics at NSU?

Gain Experience from Active Faculty Researchers

The Department of Mathematics is committed to excellence in teaching, innovative research, and providing a student-centered program. Our faculty members will work closely with you to create an engaging and exciting learning environment. They’re also active in various areas of research. The faculty research in pure and applied mathematics has numerous applications and provides opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations.

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Average Starting Salary

 The average salary for mathematicians was $105,030 in May 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Shark Destinations

Critical thinking skills developed while studying mathematics apply across a range of fields. What about becoming a climate analyst, mathematical biologist, actuary or a computer programmer? All of those are lucrative options. Banking and teaching are always in demand, or you can continue to graduate school in a STEM field of science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

David Tereshchenko

The NSU mathematics faculty possess a mastery of the subject matter but was also able to communicate it through lectures and fascinating in-class examples. My advice to incoming students would be not to be dissuaded from pursuing more difficult courses – and instead look at your time at NSU as a time of introspection and self-discovery, aimed at shaping yourself into the person you dream of becoming.

David Tereshchenko, '19 Mathematics Major