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Dr. Mahmood Shivji awarded the Halmos College of Arts and Sciences & NSU President's Distinguished Professor of the Year for 2013

distinguished_professorDr. Mahmood Shivji has been awarded the Halmos College of Arts and Sciences (HCAS) Professor of the year 2013 and was recently selected to be the Distinguished Professor of the Year for the University as a whole. The President and Provost presented the award Oct 20 at the Faculty Reception.

Dr. Shivji's research is in the field of conservation biology, conservation genetics, ecology, and fisheries, with a focus on marine fishes and coral reefs. He is the director of the Guy Harvey Research Institute (established in 1999) and the Save Our Seas Shark Center (established in 2010), both housed at HCAS. His research has brought extensive and consistent (over a decade) national and international recognition for NSU. He is internationally recognized for using an innovative combination of multi-disciplinary approaches, including laboratory-based genetics/genomics methodologies and oceanic field explorations, to understand the ecology, general biology and conservation of threatened and endangered marine species. Dr. Shivji's shark DNA research has been on permanent display (since 2008) in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum Ocean Hall (Washington DC).

Dr. Shivji has published 69 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and one on-line, audio-visual teaching publication. He also occasionally contributes research discovery stories to popular magazines. From 1997 to date at NSU his research funding has shown a high success rate. His research funding sources are diverse, encompassing the federal government, private foundations, charitable entities and private philanthropists.



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