Explore the Nature of Reality, the Scope, and Limits of Human Understanding, and the Values and Principles of Moral Reasoning

Philosophy is more than pondering life’s big questions. A philosophy degree prepares you for success through coursework designed to educate students on how to evaluate claims, participate in debates and think in an abstract way. Your philosophy degree from Nova Southeastern University gives you the valuable skills you need to get an edge in the career marketplace, where you may pursue a career in fields as diverse as academia, policy work, law, business, advertising or human resources.

NSU’s B.A. in Philosophy will sharpen your reading, writing, analytic and debate skills. Your coursework connects the study of ethics, logic and foundational thought systems with the fields of science, medicine, law, sports and environmentalism. Your strong critical thinking skills will give you an advantage in additional coursework in the humanities and performing and visual arts. Pursue your passion with your skills in analytical thought, communication and leadership and consider options for law school or other graduate studies.

Why Should You Major in Philosophy at NSU?

Become a Thought-Leader

Leaders in law, business and other fields attest to the value of studying philosophy. As a philosophy graduate, you’ll understand how to identify key assumptions and argue rationally for your positions. Studying philosophy prepares you for success in any vocation in which attention to logic and critical thinking are important. You’ll be able to think for yourself, which will help you see beyond the obvious and make you more desirable in today’s competitive career marketplace.

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Average Starting Salary

Salaries you can earn with a B.A in Philosophy vary widely because of the many career offerings associated with this degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage for individuals with a philosophy and religion degree in 2018 was $54,000. These were the average annual salaries (in 2019) for other roles that philosophy majors may pursue:

  • Arbitrators, Mediators and Conciliators – $63,690
  • Postsecondary Teachers – $79,540
  • Market Research Analysts - $63,790

Shark Destinations

With a bachelor’s in philosophy, you have a lot of flexibility in job location. You can find employment in public, private, education and government settings. Some of the careers that NSU graduates can pursue include advertising, business, criminal justice, debate coaching, higher education, human resources, law, medicine, ministry, politics and public administration. Additionally, NSU’s B.A. in Philosophy creates a pathway for a number of graduate programs at NSU.