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See below for information about different research groups within the Department of Mathematics.

The algebra group conducts research in category theory, lattice-ordered groups, frame theory, linear and multilinear algebra, operator theory, ring theory, and semigroup theory. 

The analysis group conducts research in geometric measure theory, fixed point theory, fractal geometry, matrix analysis, and functional analysis.

The applied mathematics group conducts research in modeling and simulation, signal processing, harmonic analysis, complex systems and computational science. 

The differential equation group conducts research in boundary value problems, and modeling of systems arising from natural, engineered, and social systems.

The discrete mathematics group conducts research in linear algebra, combinatorial matrix theory, graph theory and their applications. 

The geometry and topology group conducts research in algebraic geometry, differential geometry, mirror symmetry, algebraic topology and point-free topology. 

The numerical analysis group conducts research in scientific computing, and computational fluid dynamics. 

The statistics group conducts research in applied identifiability analysis, biostatistics, model selection, statistical genetics, and applications of statistics to education, sports, pharmacy, medicine, marine biology, and political polling.

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