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Global Courses

Global Courses are elective courses that incorporate an overseas field-immersion component. These courses are developed around multidisciplinary Conflict Resolution Studies (CRS) courses that provide a solid knowledge base for the learning experience. In addition, the overseas experience enhances students' cross-cultural skills and fosters sensitivity to, and appreciation and understanding of, diversity and global issues. These courses are part of the graduate curriculum of the Department of Conflict Resolution Studies (DCRS) at Nova Southeastern University (NSU).


Global courses are developed under a framework of Scholarship of Engagement. The framework includes four interconnected puzzle pieces: 1) the institutional context, which refers to the institution that houses the learning experience, in this case DCRS at NSU; 2) the academic field of study, here peace and CAR; 3) student learning needs; and 4) the learning approach, composed of teaching and learning theories, including mutual learning, transformational learning, and experiential and action learning. You can find more on the philosophy and theory behind the courses in Global Courses as Incubators for Scholarship of Engagement Activities.

Past Global Courses

  • Ecuador 2010 - Our first Global Course was offered in the summer of 2010 in Ecuador. The course was facilitated under a Memorandum of Understanding between CAHSS and our host University Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral, ESPOL. See complete report
  • Suriname 2011 - In the summer of 2011, CAHSS offered a second Global Course, this time in Suriname. Our host organization was ACT-Suriname, an international NGO that works with the Indigenous peoples and Maroons of Suriname. This organization is headed by one of our DCRS Students. See complete report
  • Morocco 2012 and Ecuador 2012 - This past Summer CAHSS offered two Global Courses, one in Morocco led by Dr. Duckworth and the other one in Ecuador led by Dr. Bastidas, which includes 6 days in the Galapagos Islands. See flyer for Morocco. See report for Morocco. See flyer for Ecuador 2012.
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